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The activities at RDA-Bukit Kiara (RDA-BK) comprise a good mix of the disabled with the able-bodied, and the communication between riders and volunteers develops understanding and social skills. The repeated pattern movement of the horse stimulates improved balance. Riders attain enhanced confidence as they achieve goals set for them and see their achievements recognised. Coordination is also improved as the riders learn to use their limbs and bodies to balance and ride a horse.

At RDA-BK, our sessions are held for physically as well as mentally challenged children twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Centre.

Schools/centers of special needs children that wish to apply for our programme, please contact our coordinator.

An individual may also apply provided that your child:

  1. Is 5-18 years old

  2. Weighs below 60kg

  3. Is physically &/or mentally challenged.

Please submit a Rider registration form.

Any enquiries regarding new centre/individual application, please contact: Suraiya (

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